Cops Forced To Act Fast After Couple Makes Disgusting Find On Craigslist Ad


While a couple from Elizabethton, Tennessee was scanning through Craigslist, they quickly realized that there was something unusual about one particular ad. As soon as they understood what they had accidentally stumbled upon, they immediately contacted the police who were forced to act fast before it was too late.

The unidentified couple was merely browsing Craigslist to see what people in the area were selling when they stumbled on something disgusting. A sick couple, later identified as 37-year-old Deanna Lynn Greer and 26-year-old John David Cain, had posted an ad offering to sell a 5-month-old baby online for $3,000.

The Greene County Sheriff’s Office was immediately contacted, and they didn’t hesitate to intervene. “An undercover officer contacted Greer and Cain and was given the price for the child,” according to Pix 11. The sick duo then met with the undercover officer at a store to exchange the innocent child for cash. However, as soon as the deal was complete, the unsuspecting couple was immediately taken into custody.


Both Greer and Cain have since been charged with “aggravated child abuse and aggravated child neglect or endangerment,” according to NY Daily News. Currently, it is unclear whether either individual has an attorney, but one thing is certain, the child is now in safer hands in state custody.

There are several options available to parents who feel overwhelmed, including adoption and asking for help from a relative or friend. In fact, according to the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, the state has enacted a Safe Haven law to help eliminate child abandonment cases. This law “allows mothers of newborns to surrender unharmed babies to designated facilities within 72 hours of birth without fear of being prosecuted.”