Cop Killer Brought Into Court, Onlookers Stunned When They See His Face


Esteban Carpio has been accused of killing a police officer in Providence, Rhode Island. He had been brought to police headquarters for questioning over the stabbing of an 84-year-old woman. Somewhere during questioning, Carpio is said to have lunged at the questioning officer. He gained control of the officer’s firearm and shot him twice.

As AWM shares, Detective James L. Allen was the questioning officer, and he died as the result of his gunshot wounds. Carpio blew out the questioning room with a third shot, and he was able to escape police headquarters. Reports indicate that he jumped 60 feet to the ground and fled on foot.

Other officers were soon in pursuit, but he was on the loose for about 45 minutes. Cops would finally track him down, and Carpio was subdued after a violent struggle. He was brought into court to face the music, and it was obvious that he had been in a pretty wicked fight. In fact, his face was covered with some kind of mask, and that prompted some startled reactions from family members in attendance.

”Oh, my God, look what they did to him,” said one family member.

No word on exactly what kind of injuries Carpio may have sustained or if he required medical attention, but it’s quite clear he was roughed up. Whether that occurred during the violent struggle or elsewhere is unclear at this time, but at least he is still alive. The same can not be said for Det. Allen, a 50-year-old man that leaves behind a wife, kids, devastated friends and a shattered police department.

That being said, Carpio’s appearance in court has prompted a ton of debate about what happened to him while he was in police custody. He attempted to plead insanity, but the judge at the initial hearing squelched that pretty quickly.

”This man was not under arrest. People aren’t getting that,” said Deputy Chief Paul Kennedy.
Source: AWM
Photo: AWM