Bride Drops Half Her Body Weight In One Year For Her Wedding

Losing weight is probably the most common New Year’s Resolution, and the one people fail the most at. However, the bride-to-be in this story managed to lose HALF of her body weight in only a year, so what is your excuse? 26-year-old Jennifer Ginley, at the time weighed a staggering 266 pounds. She was triggered by a selection of holiday photos, but considered herself ready for her wedding.


Before, Ginley had warned her boyfriend Luke when proposing to her to avoid having crappy wedding photos. The Liverpool Echo reports that she lost well over 100lbs, going from size 24/26 to size 8/10 in just over a year. She has since been selected as Slimming World’s Miss Slinky 2017 and will be featured on the cover of Slimming World magazine.