Boyfriend Promises To Meet Her Dad At Church Concert, Then She Gets There And Realizes He Lied

This is one of the sweetest surprises… and the recipient never saw it coming.

With the help of her father, Lauren’s boyfriend Zack planned out the perfect proposal. He knew he wanted it to be an elaborate surprise, and decided it would all unfold at a music concert at her family’s church in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.


The vocalist that evening, Chris, announced to the audience that he wanted to honor Zack as the special guest — but sadly, Zack wasn’t there to accept it. That’s because Zack didn’t realize until last minute that he was held up at a work function. While Lauren waited for him to arrive, he texted her to say he hit traffic and was running even later. He said he’d meet her at intermission, but Lauren was disappointed.

Really, it was all one big lie.

Zack didn’t think Lauren would realize what was actually going on when Chris began to sing a very special song. “I think she’s gonna realize when pictures of us begin to display on the monitor,” Zack said. “That’s when she’s gonna piece it together and realize that, ‘Wow, that song is for me. It’s about us.’”

In the clip below, the church doors swing open. The audience collectively turns around to see who is interrupting the concert.

You do not want to miss what happens when Lauren realizes Zack wasn’t really “running late” like he told her.