Bartender Sees No Tip On Receipt, Angered By What The Card Underneath Says


The city council announced a rise in the minimum wage rate for workers in Seattle to $15 an hour. Where activists and workers seemed delighted, there are few who are unhappy with this news.

Anthony Fetto, a bartender, faced an unpleased customer who gave him a unique tip – an “economy” lesson – for his best services.

“He was actually sitting right next to the server station where I was, so I was right there all the time, he was getting the best service,” Anthony told. The tip card titled: “Why I don’t tip in Seattle”.

Anthony did not feel bad. He knew that tipping is a choice, not mandatory. But he was disappointed with this attitude from his customer. He is wondering how many more servers would do the same.

Where the new minimum wage rate is a good sign for workers, customers complain that restaurants will now be charging more.

The tip card received by Anthony called Seattle city council “vultures”, and this new wage rate gave the idea of “no tips” anymore.

Anthony’s base wage has not yet been revised according to the new law. Though in theory, he will be getting a minimum of $15 for an hour, but this includes tips.

The law, however, has some implications. Employers having less than 500 employees will be getting $15 as their minimum wage rate, but not before 2021. The current minimum wage rate is $10.

The new law also stated that workers in Chicago would be receiving a minimum of $13 which also sums after including tips from customers. Until then, workers in Chicago would also be getting a minimum of $10 as a minimum wage rate.

Source: WTKR
Photo: WTKR