ALERT: If You Ever See THIS In Your Hotel Room, Leave NOW And Call 911. The Reason Why Is Scary

Naturally a coat hook shouldn’t set off any red flags, right? They are a common thing you see, whether in a hotel or even public restroom. They serve a function and come in very handy. But that’s what criminals and deviants are betting on.There are lots of sickos out there and this is a warning about another group of them.

These perverts use the latest in high tech spy cameras to record people in their most private moments. They have been found in hotel rooms and ladies’ rooms. Don’t take this warning for granted, although they look very unassuming, they could destroy your future.

Police in Florida are investigating a recent rash of hidden spy cameras. In the three incidents reported to police, the spy cameras were mounted in innocent looking coat hooks. These cameras are available for purchase online, and what’s worse, they can be ordered by anyone. These spy cameras look like little plastic coat hooks that you can buy anywhere, but on closer inspection, you will see a small hole near the top of the coat hook mount. That’s the camera lens. The latest technology allows the camera lens to be as small as a period and record up to 2 hours of video. So, if you find one, don’t touch it, and notify the authorities right away.

Seeing a coat hook in a public restroom or in your hotel isn’t a red flag for most people. That’s exactly why criminals are putting them up. You and everyone else is used to seeing them on the backs of doors and walls.

But now new information has come to light. And it’s terrifying. These coat hooks are actually carrying something that can ruin your life.

Don’t let their unassuming appearance trick you. Many of these coat hooks are actually a high-tech spy camera.

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