Airport Comes To Standstill When Haunting Message Over Loudspeaker Sends Travelers Into State Of Tears

Facebook/Jen Tringle

The children are part of the Snowball Express. It’s an annual event held for the thousands of children of service members who lost a parent in combat. They are sent to Disney World on an all expenses paid vacation.

Everyone at the airport was humbled by their presence. Most of them got teary-eyed and emotional as they watched. One of the witnesses of the heartwarming gesture was Jen Tringle. She knew that it was a really special moment that she had to capture and share for everyone to see. So, she got her phone and recorded everything.

Facebook/Jen Tringle

In her post in social media, Jen shared:

There’s so little we can do to comfort the families of the befallen soldiers. While trips like that may put a smile on their faces, it’s our appreciation of their parents’ sacrifice that would mean more to them. It’s a sign of respect for what they had to go through for our sake. And just like everyone else at the airport that day, Jen will never forget what she witnessed.

In an email she sent to ABC7, she shared:

“I’ll never forget it myself, witnessing an unannounced standstill like that by the general public – out of honor.”

It was truly a heartwarming sight to see!