8 surprising reasons farting is good for you

If you’ve ever been on a first date and you’re out at a restaurant, you probably already know the dilemma. This is a person whom you’re not too familiar with, but that shrimp, bean and cheese burrito has moved through your bowels with a fiery passion. You mentally hit yourself for not choosing something a little more light but the damage is done, you’ve got to fart. Hey, it happens to the best of us, but instead of trying to hold it in to appear less of a human than you really are is actually not that good for your body. In fact, it’s more beneficial if you just walk away for a moment to let it rip, hopefully more silently than the way it feels.

  1. Bloated? Fart for a Fix.

Holding in a fart is like asking your body to expand in a highly uncomfortable way. One of the main causes of bloating is that gas building up in your stomach and intestines, something that shouldn’t happen. Don’t force yourself to hold it in or you’ll only make it worse!

  1. Diet Based on Smell

Were you aware that the smell of your own farts can help you identify the positive and negative impacts a diet can have on your body? For example, eating a lot of carbs tends to give you more gas overall, but the odor would be near-nonexistent while eating too much red meats tends to make them very, very powerful olfactory attacks.

  1. Abdominal Pain? Pull a Beyblade and Let ‘Er Rip!

According to the experts over at Berkeley Wellness, holding in a fart causes intestinal distention that’s more than mildly uncomfortable. If you’re having issues with letting it loose, gently massage your abdomen to help the natural movement of gas out to where it needs.

  1. Take Care of Your Colon

If you’re one of those unlucky people who has issues with hemorrhoids I feel bad for you son, I’ve got 99 problems but farting ain’t one. Seriously though, holding in gas can make a case of hemorrhoids even worse and holding it all in is already bad for your colon. It’s why people with compromised colons are told to just fart when they need!

  1. The Healthy Dutch Oven

This is going to sound like a piece of fiction from The Onion, but the hydrogen sulfide in your farts can actually help prevent mitochondrial damage to your cells. That’s coming straight from a study done by the experts at the University of Exeter, not some random person on the internet.

  1. Listen to Your Fart

Does it hurt to fart? Are you passing gas more often than you ever recall needing to in the past? If you pay attention to the flatulence you may notice certain oddities which can help with an early diagnosis of something more severe than gas buildup!

  1. Allergies? Your Farts Will Let You Know

If you’re allergic to something you eat, it’s more than possible your farts will let you know. Increased flatulence or odor is one way to tell if you’re lactose intolerant, for example.

  1. It Just Feels Good, Man

Not farting when you need to just makes you cranky. Think about it, you’re sitting there holding it in and someone comes up to talk to you. All it takes is one little thing and kettle will blow, just like your bum is ready to do. Why hold it? Who cares what that first date partner is going to say, if they’re a decent enough person they’ll understand it’s all a part of the human experience.