6 Year-old Finally Reunited With Father After Two Long Years Of Deployment

When soldiers come home to see their families, they often plan to surprise them. For Sergeant Joshua Withers however, it was his 6 year-old daughter’s school and wife who had planned the surprise for him and his little girl Bianca.

Bianca who ask her mother every day when her Daddy was coming home, and she would tell her how much she missed him when he was deployed overseas for two long years. She had no idea that her school was going to celebrate her father and all of his years of service.

His wife had told him that the Friday morning of his return, he needed to go with her to Bianca’s school to meet with her teacher. He was to wear his uniform as well. When Joshua got to the school and walked into the Gymnasium, he was completely shocked to  see the large crowd cheering for him.

Most importantly, his little girl running to give him a hug.

This family reunion like most, brought everyone to tears. Such a beautiful moments shared with the Withers family.

For the next three years, Joshua will serve at home as an Army Recruiter. Therefore, he’ll be able to spend much more time with those that love him and have missed him.

Check out this special video of this family reuniting.

H/T Liftable