Storage has been and will remain a problem for most of us. Small spaces are very difficult to furnish and the resulting storage space is similar to none if not taken into account form the beginning. Thus we have searched for some clever storage ideas and solutions that will work miracles in any space, no matter of its size and that will un-clutter your home. Depending on your organizational skills, these storage spaces will fulfill their role or not so keep in mind that just by building an extra drawer you will not obtain anything unless you keep things tidy and neat all the time. A perfectly organizes storage will also help you spend less time in the kitchen and to clean your home faster and easier.

Any small space can look bigger with the right colors and furniture but without a good storage plan the space will seem claustrophobic no matter how hard you have tried to prevent that. A good tip is to periodically clean your storage and throw away or donate your unnecessary things. So you will save valuable space and use it for the important things. As hard as it is to depart from certain items, do not cling to them and you will have a cleaner, fresher home.

Use any tiny space you have at your disposal and transform it into storage. Everything can be maximized without transforming your home into a big deposit. Built-in shelves are also an option when you have little space and you do not want to crowd a room. Make usage of your staircase and build deposit underneath it and under the stairs as well. And don’t forget the great amount of storage you can obtain under your bed. Be creative and smart and store your items right.