4-Year-Old Girl Runs Out Of Public Bathroom Crying, Then Mom Sees What’s On Her Legs


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We are not as safe in public as we once were. There are people out there who are willing to hurt others for no clear or understandable reason. Nicole Langmead took her children to McDonald’s.

But that’s when her four-year-old daughter, Kaya, decided she had to use the bathroom.


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After taking her daughter to the bathroom, Langmead and her other two daughters waited outside for a long time, waiting for her daughter to return. Then, two teenage girls came out of the bathroom laughing and giggling like they had just shared a joke.


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Shortly after that, Kaya came out of the bathroom crying, leaving her mom and siblings totally confused. Kaya told her mom that she got stuck onto the toilet seat! Confused, Langmead went into the bathroom and unfortunately found superglue on the toilet seat.


The glue held on tight, and when Kaya finally got free, the skin on her legs was ripped off. The police determined the two teenage girls, ones who came out laughing, were responsible for what happened and they could be between 16 and 18 years old.


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The parents of those girls must be so proud and this is exactly what Langmead said in a message to the unknown pranksters. Turns out the girls had put the superglue on the disabled and baby changing toilet too because they wanted to cause someone else pain.


Image Credit: SWNS.com
Sadly, the victim was only four years old. This is what happens when children are not taught right from wrong. This is what happens when children are not held accountable for their actions at home. Parents need to step up and be parents.

Teach your children respect and the difference between right and wrong. Hold them accountable. Teach them that there are consequences for bad behavior. If you don’t, they will learn it the hard way as adults. Then you can visit them in prison.

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