32 Sandwich Hacks for A Better Sandwich Eating Experience


I don’t know about you, but most people I know love a good sandwich. These tips and tricks that make up the best sandwiches are right up my alley! I adore a good sandwich. I’m not one that will just slap meat and cheese on some bread and call it a day today. I like trying different breads, spreads, meats and cheeses on my sandwiches. I also like adding a variety of vegetables for some crunch, color, and nutrition. As much as I eat them, I do like to keep it fresh by expanding my repertoire. If you’re one that channels your inner Joey Tribiani, and loves a good sandwich these tips and tricks that make up the best sandwich hacks are for you. If you have ever had the dilemma of a soggy sandwich because there are four hours the time you get to work and when you get to eat, keep your condiments in salad dressing containers. Small enough to fit right in your bag, and you can dress your sandwich when it’s time to eat! If you have a picky child, or still behave like one you are one yourself, using a pizza cutter to cut the crusts off makes this an easy task! Change your idea on what a breakfast sandwich should look like by trying this waffle peanut butter and jelly sandwich! My kids adore this for breakfast lunch snack or dinner! It is always a hit! If your workplace forces you to share a fridge with a bunch of other people, you may have run into the trouble of someone stealing your lunch. Prevent your sandwiches from being jacked with these theft free sandwich bags. The bags I have mold graphics on them. It appears that your sandwich is moldy and everyone will leave it alone! That was pretty much a genius idea, so kudos to whoever came up with it! These are some really fantastic tips and tricks that make the best sandwich hacks.