This amazing 13-day diet can burn fat efficiently and after 13 days, you won’t put on weight for at least 2 years. The diet also goes by the name The Danish Diet or the Copenhagen Diet. It will improve your metabolism and prevent further weight gain.
If in the first few days of the diet you gain a few pounds, don’t worry, this will soon regulate and believe it or not, you will lose between 15 and 40 pounds. The diet is low calorie, that is, you can intake up to 600 calories per day. Since the diet doesn’t allow dairy, fruits, and whole grains, you might experience mineral and vitamin deficiency and frequent cravings. Moreover, your body may be more prone to diseases.

However, if you’re persistent about putting an end to your weight problems, you will overcome these obstacles with ease and you will have the body you’ve always wanted. Here are some of the diet rules that you need to stick to:

During the diet, you need to avoid sweets, chewing gums, beer, and wine.

If you stop the diet in anyway, you should not proceed with it before 6 months pass.

After the 13 days, you should make a 2-year pause if you want to start the diet again.

You may supplement salmon, beef, or lamb with 250 grams of chicken breasts.

You’re allowed to use garlic, oregano, etc. but no salt.

After the 13 days, eat light food for a day or two, and then you can return to your regular diet.

Avoid excessive physical activity since your calorie intake is low.

Now, let’s take a look at the eating plan: