12 Ideas For An Awesome Graduation Party


It’s that time of year again, the time that some of us need graduation party ideas! Graduating from high school is one of the biggest accomplishments any young person’s life! It deserves to be celebrated in a big way! If you want to make it extra special for your graduate, these fabulous ideas at Diply.com are the ticket! Take your guests on a trip down memory lane with pictures lining up from when your child was a baby, until now, leading up to the doorway. I love that idea, even though it would make me cry! Make the snack table graduate worthy with creative diploma napkins! What a cute idea! Make these mortarboard cupcakes and the guests won’t be able to stop raving about how cute they are! And they are super easy to make! Set them up on the mortarboard cupcake stand and you have a winner! One of the most classic gifts for a graduate is the Doctor Suess book “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!”. Place a copy on a table at the entrance and let all of the guests write a little something in it for your child. I received a copy when I graduated almost 20 years ago and I still love it! It has a permanent place on my bookshelf! Keeping with the school theme, take a lunch box filled with ring pops and place a sign that says class rings. What a cute way to pass out some candy! Aren’t these some fantastic graduation party ideas? One of my favorite ideas is to give the grad a college cake! What is that? If you have heard of a diaper cake, given at baby showers, you get the concept. A “cake” made from the essentials your son or daughter will need as they head of to college! Ramen noodles included! These are all such fun graduation party ideas! Your graduate will know how much you care!