105-Yr-Old Man Holds Great-Great-Grandson For First Time, His Emotional Reaction Brings Everyone To Tears.

Baby Easton was only 5-days-old when Jason and Susan Zwolak brought him to meet his great, great grandfather. Jason and his wife married a little later in life, but wasted no time welcoming their little bundle of joy into the world.

Zwolak Jr. and Susan, from Irvine, California, introduced ‘Pop’ to his great great grandson on Sunday April 2nd. The centennial and his days old offspring hit it off right away, and people couldn’t get enough.


The live video shows Pop cradling Easton with practiced arms and eyes shining bright with love. The video has gone viral for all the right reasons, and thousands commented showing their support and admiration for the family.


One commenter said, “So precious, it brought tears to my eyes!” And another said, “💘 love love love- most precious video ever. Hugs all around. ❤ God Bless your family ❤”


While it’s beautiful to see a family so close, it’s astounding that 105 years separate these two. Life is a fragile, beautiful thing. We are so glad these two were able to meet! Check out the adorable moment in the video below.

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