She Finds A Gooey Egg Sac In Her Backyard. Films It As It Hatches, Goes Viral Overnight

Scientists don’t claim to know or understand every creature that lives on planet Earth. And to some accounts, a huge amount of life in the ocean have yet to be discovered. And the same goes for hard-to-reach places on the surface like deep within the Amazon rainforest. Scientists are discovering new species every day and can’t seem to keep up with all the diversity on the planet.

But what’s in this gooey egg sac is a whole other story. And while it might be something few people understand or know what it is, the freaky life form is certainly not something you want to find in YOUR backyard. Scroll down to witness some of the strangest photos of your life.

When the Twitter user found the strange egg sac in their backyard, they decided to take a video. But as they watched the thing, it quickly evolved into something straight out of Ridley Scott’s “Aliens.” With tentacles and phosphorescent colors, this beast belongs in a horror story, not someone’s backyard.

The object in these photos has four tentacles. They’re pink all around, but have a darker shade in the middle. There is also a dark, gooey substance that looks like something you wouldn’t want to get on your shirt or pants.

And when it blooms? This thing looks even more menacing.

Fortunately, scientists do know what it is. And it’s not something you need to worry about – although the shape of it would freak anyone out.

This thing is a type of mushroom. Appropriately named Devil’s fingers – as it looks like Satan’s fingers reaching out of the earth, this mushroom doesn’t have the same power as the under lord. It is actually completely harmless – although you don’t want to eat it.

While it won’t kill you if you ingest the Devil’s fingers mushroom, you’ll probably gag and purge it from your system because of its terrible odor and lingering taste.

Devil’s fingers also go by the name Octopus stinkhorn. Although its scientific name is Clathrus Archeri. In the video below, you’ll watch this strange fungus erupt from its eggs. While this is not happening in real time (it’s a time lapse), it does look like a hand stretching out its fingers.

As the video description from Steve Thompson reads, “A group four of Clathrus archeri eggs (Devil’s Fingers / Octopus Stinkhorn fungi) [are] captured ‘hatching’ under a time lapse camera over a period of just 59hrs. The most impressive one is right at the end.

“Like alien tentacles, these fungi erupt from their eggs covered in a brown slime containing their spores and relies on flies for its distribution,” Thompson continues. “The putrid spelling slime on the waving tentacles lures in flies who get coated in the spore-containing slime and carry it away to germinate into a new crop of fungi next year. This species is native to Australia but has been introduced to the UK where the can be found on rare occasions across the south.”

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