10 Awesome Tips to Clean Your Car Like a Pro

It never fails. You’ll wash, wax and vacuum out your car and not even thirty minutes later the blue skies give way to the dark clouds and it’ll start to rain. Even worse, the day after a wash you drive not even half an hour into town and by the time you arrive, the entire front end looks like it’s been through the mud. Well, we can’t help you out with the weather, but what we can definitely do is tell you the ten biggest tips you can use to get your vehicle cleaned, just like you’d see come from a professional wash. Even better, these are all natural cleaners, most of which you probably already have on hand somewhere.

  1. The Old-Fashioned Wash: 

Grab a bit of water with some natural Castile soap (plant oils), mix them well and then start washing your car like you would normally. The oils help prevent further dust from settling on your car!

  1. Air Vent Rescue:

Have you ever tried cleaning out the inside of your car, only to realize those air vents are d*mn near impossible to get? If you take a foam paintbrush and get it a little wet you won’t have any more issues, besides maybe the time it takes to get them all.

  1. Cleaning The Dash:

When you go to polish your dashboard you’ll likely note just how filthy it is. Don’t worry! Snag a paper towel and get it damp with a bit of olive oil, then just wipe it down!

  1. Pristine Tires In 5 Minutes:

Did you know you can clean your tires with some baking soda and water? Combine the two until you get yourself a nice paste, throw them on the wheels, scrub them down with a brush and rinse them off with regular water. Voila!

  1. Gotta Stay Fresh: 

Homemade car fresheners are better to use than store bought. Why? Because you have the most control over the scent and the strength. Grab a mason jar and poke some holes in the lid, throw some essential oils (scent) and baking soda in it, mix to combine and you’ve got yourself one hell of a good smelling car!

  1. Smudge Free Wipers:

Ever notice how your windshield wipers feel like they run out of “juice” too quickly? Try wiping them down with rubbing alcohol once in a while. This will help prevent it from smudging when you go to turn them on.

  1. Hairy Seats:

You can easily remove pet hair from your seats by using a spray bottle filled with water to dampen them, then by running a squeegee along the surface.

  1. Crystal Windows:

There’s a rumor flying around that newspaper is the best thing to use for cleaning windows. It’s a true rumor. Spray down your vehicles windows with some vinegar and wipe them off with newspaper, they’ll look fresh out of the factory new.

  1. Stain Removal: 

See those stains on your seats? Make a paste using a white vinegar and baking soda, rub it on using a toothbrush and leave it to dry. Once that’s finished just grab the vacuum and remove all the crust, stain begone!

  1. Chrome:

Got those chrome caps? Pull out that vinegar/water solution and wipe them down with an old rag, you’ll have them shining brighter than your neighbors grill in no time.

It’s amazing what all you can do with so few ingredients, especially on something as prone to dirt and stains as a car.