Youtube Star With Rare Disease Throws Cutest Fashion Show You’ve Ever Seen!

Audrey was born with a rare bone marrow syndrome called Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA). Kids born with DBA don’t produce enough red blood cells in their bone marrow to develop like their peers. But Audrey and her dad, Scott, refuse to let her disease stop her from achieving anything.

They spend their days raising awareness for DBA to help fund the search for a cure. Until that day comes, Audrey and her dad make it their priority to have the time of their lives. Together, they have a Youtube channel that’s filled with the cutest, most heartwarming content we’ve seen in ages.


In the video below, Audrey wanted to give the rest of us a fashion show that ended up being too cute for words.


Audrey struts her stuff and shows off her outfits with poise and just a little bit of sass. Her mini fashion show is so endearing!

Check out the adorable moment in the video below.

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