Woman Keeps Messing With Snake She Finds In Her Yard, Quickly Learns About Karma [video]

Okay, so maybe some of you have not yet gotten the memo that said “don’t mess with snakes.” But even so, did you really need to be told? Snakes can trigger an automatic, instinctual response in normal human beings that just makes us want to run the other way.

Unless you are the woman in this hilarious video we just found on YouTube. Doing her home state of Alabama, and her family, proud, we get to watch as she attempts to harass a snake slithering through her yard. You are going to jump out of your seat when you watch this clip. But kids: do not try this at home, M’Kay?

Just when you thought it was safe to watch YouTube again, a video of such outrageous ridiculousness goes viral and we can not help but watch.

Well, this video of a woman trying to harass a snake in her yard has gotten almost two million views since being posted. And it is easy to see why.

It is rare that we get to watch someone videotape themselves doing something so incredibly stupid, and then sharing it with the world. But when it happens, all we can say is “Thank you!”

Of course, posting a video of this magnitude of brilliance will draw commentary from the social media sphere, and this particular clip has not disappointed. More than three thousand people have commented on this video, saying things like:

“The moment she said ‘Whoa’, you can hear her voice weaken, she is probably dead in the lawn and the snake probably uploaded the video to show how ‘hood he is.”

“And this people is a great example of why you should stay in school.”

“Wow! Typically, black rat snakes aren’t that aggressive. That one seemed like it was too big to have such bright patterns; they would have, usually, faded by then.”

And one comment in particular started an entire dialogue. When Russ B. posted “Who tf would tease a snake?” a chain of responses followed:

“An inbred woman from Alabama apparently.”- Shaun S.

“If she’s from Alabama we don’t claim her.”- Anon.

“I read the description, yeah, we don’t want her. Any other state can have her.”- Anon

“Not me. I’m afraid of snakes.”

One YouTube commenter decided to just lay out what we were all thinking, saying “…because the woman did something incredibly stupid. The woman saw the snake coiling its body and rearing up (a clear sign it wanted her to back off) and decided to provoke the poor thing anyway, and she then had the gall to act surprised when the snake lashed out at her, simply calling it a “MEAN snake!”. Additionally, judging by the last thing she says in the video (“Boy, that’s gonna be a GOOD one!”), and the fact that she LEANED BACK INTO THE SNAKE’S STRIKE RADIUS, it’s clear she didn’t learn from her mistake, and only cares more about whether or not she gets a good video than whether or not she or the snake get hurt.”

Have you ever videotaped yourself doing something incredibly stupid and then shared it with the whole world? Please tell us about it here, and include links.