Woman Flips Off Cops Outside Restaurant, Gets Nasty Karma After They Leave


Rachel Ali walked out of the restaurant where she works and saw a few cops parked in the lot. Thinking that it would be funny to flip them off while a friend snapped a photo of the disrespectful salute, she quickly regretted it when they blew her off with what happened after they left. Now, the cops are getting the last laugh.

Without cause, other than assuming it’s cool to be anti-cop, Ali took the opportunity to let the Harris County Sheriff know that she didn’t ever need or want his help, in her double flip of the bird to say “F*ck the cops.” The ridiculous gesture and misguided sentiment backfired on her when there was nobody in sight that could save her from what was coming.

According to KHOU, Ali posted her flip-off photo on social media without thinking much of it, but she wishes that she hadn’t now that she looks idiotic. The picture was shared thousands of times, mostly by pro-cop people online disgusted at her for posing for this shot and sharing it. Considering that she was wearing her uniform and representing her employer at the time while sending this nasty message to law enforcement, pro-police groups online found out where she currently worked and contacted her employer, which happened to be the Los Cucos restaurant in Kingwood.

Droves of people upset about the disrespect she showed and hate she was perpetuating in this picture, put pressure on Ali’s employer to do something about it, otherwise risk losing business. After days of feeling the heat from those who respect police officers, Los Cucos fired Ali. Now that she’s out of work, she regrets posting the picture but is still defending herself for a specific reason.

Ali said that the photo was taken in May and posted around the same time when she wasn’t working at Los Cucos. Since the photo has gone viral and only recently discovered by pro-cop groups, she doesn’t think it’s fair that they contacted her current employer who wasn’t involved in the original incident. She also claims to love cops, despite her ridiculous pose by the cop car.

“It was a stupid decision to put it on social media,” Ali said. “I regret posting it where people could see it. It was careless, but it was harmless.” She added that she’s “not a bad person at all” and only seems to be sorry that “people are taking it the wrong way.”

There are not two ways to take intentionally flipping off a patrol car. Actions speak louder than her words, and she didn’t express remorse for what she did in the picture, just that she made it public on social media and it backfired on her. For that reason, she got what she deserved.