She Whispered “Film This” Then Walks Up To The Piano And Plays. Now It’s Going Viral


In some places around the world, pianos are placed in public. They’re there simply for the joy of music. Anyone is allowed to walk up and touch the keys to create music. They’re sometimes found in airports or thrift stores. Sarasota, Florida launched a similar project a couple of years ago. You may remember the homeless veteran who was discovered playing the piano like a genius.

In Quebec, Canada, Ariane Racicot saw a public piano in the local park. She’s a great pianist and decided to go for it. Hoping some people might enjoy the music. She set up a microphone and sat down to play.

ittle did she know that the video showcasing her talent would explode and go viral…

When Racicot sat down at the public piano in Quebec, she decided to play a famous Queen song. And her rendition of the hit would make Freddie Mercury proud. And you probably won’t be able to stop yourself from singing along with the tune…

The college student wasn’t alone though. Her friend, Luc Delorme, was there to help film her. Luc put together a video montage of her performance. He supported her and helped make her dream a reality. Now her piano playing is reaching the ears of millions of people across the internet.

In the clip below, you’ll noticed that the young lady is completely devoted to the song as she sits there in the public park playing.

As she plays Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, people in the park stop and listen. Everyone who is passing by stops to at least enjoy the music for a moment. Many stop altogether and gather around watching the incredible girl play the recognizable song. Of course some take out their smartphones and film her behind the keys.

To make the moment even more special, it’s great to know that Racicot is so humble. She’s a sweet young girl. When she finishes the song, the audience around her erupts into applause. She’s shy! She covers her face and even blushes at the recognition.

Since the charming video of Ariane Racicot was published on YouTube, the video has gotten nearly 2.5 million views. She is blown away by the reception she’s gotten from viewers like you. Many shared their comments on YouTube.

Viewers and listeners are awestruck by her ability to play the song. They turn around as they recognize the popular song originally written and performed by Queen.

The Canadians sit and enjoy the music as Racicot dedicates herself completely to the music. The camera catches many listeners staring at her transfixed by her talent. It really is a remarkable moment to stumble upon…

Here’s what some viewers said about it?

  • “Piano sounds old BUT SHE WAS AMAZING AND EMOTIVE!!!!”
  • “wow~.. she’s so amazing.. Thumb up!”
  • “She’s pretty and quite talented, but that piano seemed extremely out of tune to me >,<”
  • “did anyone Sing the song in your head while listening to this?”

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