Wedding Invitations Go Out To Guests With Incredible Last Name Coincidence On Them

When it comes to marriage, the union between a man and a woman is usually not a joking affair. However, one couple from Illinois has been on the receiving end of some good-natured teasing after their longstanding nickname as a couple surfaced on the internet. Everyone hopes to find a perfect partner for life and it can seem difficult to find someone that is compatible with our life goals, personalities, and physical desires. Sometimes, what people need is some sort of sign of compatibility in their relationship. For this Illinois pair, the sign of their love came in a suitably bizarre way, their last names.

Elevated to internet fame after their wedding announcement, Joel Burger and Ashley King stunned friends and family when they began planning their wedding. Joel and Ashley first laid eyes upon each other in high school, beginning a wonderful friendship. During college, the pair began dating and after spending several joyous years together, Mr. Burger and Ms. King decided to tie the knot and get married. From the beginning, the pair realized the comical union of their last names was a reference to the popular fast food chain, Burger King with Joel telling the Huffington Post: “We have yet to escape the teasing. But we have fully embraced our nickname.”

Joel and Ashley’s wedding is not the first celebration to have a hilarious combination of last names. Some of the more famous announcements include MacDonald-Berger, Best-Lay, and Filler-Quick.

It remains unclear whether the happy couple plan to adopt a hyphenated last name or stick with tradition and use Joel’s last name. Several online commentators have hilariously described the possible reactions of the couple’s future children when they find out they are the descendants of a fast food restaurant. Rather than ignore the hilarious circumstances of their wedding, Joel and Ashley have taken it in their stride, nicknaming their nuptials as the ‘Burger-King Wedding’.