Viewers SHOCKED After Seeing What Lying Reporter Tried To Hide On Live TV

Quite a bit of confusion is surfacing after CNN recently aired a live televised interview just as they have done countless times in the past. However, it seems that viewers were shocked to see what was happening right before their eyes – and it’s pretty clear that those involved were desperately trying to hide it.

There’s no arguing that the mainstream media in this country is heavily biased in favor of Democrats and liberals nationwide. Although news organizations such as CNN and MSNBC have lied several times to cover this reality, it isn’t doing them much good as Americans are starting to see through their deceit.

Unfortunately for them, they’ve recently come under fire, with the charge being led by none other than President Donald Trump. With phrases like “fake news” now frequently heard, liberal networks are having a harder time getting away with deceiving the American people than they used to.

However, things just got a whole lot worse after the two networks aired live interviews at the same time and a few keen eyes picked up on something rather odd. While CNN’s OutFront was broadcasting a live interview with Jackie Speier, a Democrat U.S. representative out of California, MSNBC was apparently running their own “live” interview with the woman.

Clearly seen in a video taken after one man spotted the odd occurrence, Ms. Speier seems to be speaking to two different liberals at the same exact time. Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to see that at least one of the interviews was recorded and played at a later time – but that’s not really the point.

In short, both of these networks are tasked with giving us the “truth,” even though we already know that they cherry pick facts and censor the facts that obliterate the liberal narrative. However, they’re currently in the middle of an uphill battle, and they are losing because of blatant lies like this.

At this point, most of the country doesn’t trust the mainstream news. They’re not credible, and America knows it. Although they’re desperately trying to convince this nation otherwise, they keep getting busted in lie after lie. Of course, lying about when an interview took place may seem irrelevant, but it just goes to prove how dishonest these people really are.

There’s no harm in saying that an interview took place at a previous time, but both networks decided to lie and say that they were both on the air at the same time with the same woman, holding separate conversations. If they can’t be honest about something so minuscule, what else can we trust them on?

Liberal networks have exposed themselves to be nothing more than leftist propaganda machines working for Democrats, and they have a long way to go if they want to be trusted by Americans again. However, it seems that they’re rather happy lying to everyone since they continue to do it.

Too bad for them, that will only hurt them in the long run as their credibility is on a steep decline. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before they’re fully viewed as the liars and manipulators that they really are.