Turn A Tree Stump Into An Adorable Gnome Home For Your Yard


Last weekend, when spring decided to grace us with its presence for a few hours, we took a dead tree down in our backyard. It wasn’t very big, so it was easy to do, and there really wasn’t anything that could have been done to salvage it. We just moved into our house a few months ago, so I’m not totally sure what caused the tree to meet its untimely end, but it has given us the perfect place to plant one of our own in the spring! While I’m excited that we will get to watch the new tree grow, after seeing what one couple did with a stump left over from a dead tree in their yard, a part of me wishes ours hadn’t popped out of the ground so easily!

Mimi’s Mixed Bag saw the perfect DIY opportunity as her husband was taking a tree down next to their driveway. Rather than letting the stump become a neighborhood eyesore, she turned it into an adorable conversation piece, and all it took was a trip to the hardware and dollar store to make it happen!