TSA Agent Pulls Young Woman’s Skirt Up In Front Of Everyone – Things Escalate Quickly (Video)


A CNN reporter recently shared a shocking video of her “humiliation” by TSA at the airport (video below).

On Dec. 15, CNN’s Angela Rye was told to go through an additional security check at the airport. She immediately asked a police officer called to the scene to film the pat down by a TSA agent.

The agent violated Rye’s body and right to privacy by lifting up her dress and touching her genitals twice during the check. By the end of the procedure, Rye appears to be on the brink of tears.

Following the terrible experience, Rye took to Periscope to explain why she refuses to be silent about the incident and why it’s unacceptable, according to BET.

Although Rye has not been a victim of sexual assault prior to the event, she voiced concern about the effects of TSA practices on others.

The political commentator wrote an op-ed on CNN discussing the situation in more specific detail and speaking out against the TSA.

“I shared the video on social media,” Rye writes. “I shared my humiliation. I shared my feelings on Periscope after the incident, so we could have a constructive conversation about altering practices. Of course, we want America to be safe and protected but we should not violate the emotional and physical safety of our nation’s citizens at the same time.”

Rye shared the viral video on Twitter, receiving mass support. “I asked the police officer to film this so I can send to @TSA. I’m hoping my humiliation will fix the system,” she tweeted.
Adding, “So, apparently TSA follows a p-grabbing Trump model…”

The video has garnered more than 10K retweets and over 11K likes. Many other users shared their own horrific TSA experiences after Rye posted the video.