They Dug Up Their Gorgeous Yard. What They Created? I Want It!


If you love entertaining your friends and family outdoors, you will love this amazing DIY fire pit project. A fantastic fire pit is something that can be used year round! Fall and winter nights can still be spent outdoors, with everyone huddled around a nice fire. And in summertime, many marshmallows should be roasted. That might even be a law. You might think you can afford a fire pit or the seating required for everyone to have a spot. You will be so glad to know how easy and affordable this fire pit and seating really is! You’re going to want to get started on yours immediately. First things first, you need to figure out where you want your fire pit. Going to need to dig up the perfect spot to make room for the build. Make a list and go shopping for all of your supplies! Set up the plan for the pit and the seating and you are ready to begin getting ready to build your backyard hang out! Once you get The actual pit built, with your sand and gravel at the bottom and the stones built up into a nice pit, you need to lay down the landscaping fabric to start on your seating area. You can also make a path leading to the back porch and be sure to lay down fabric for it as well. Feel it all in with gravel and smooth it out! This is when everything starts to take shape. Adirondack chairs are the perfect ones to use around this relaxing fire pit. Paint them all different colors to give your yard some style! To complete this amazing backyard put up twinkle lights all around on posts, and you are all set to enjoy your brand-new, awesome backyard.