Teen Girl Dies Underweight, Then Cops Make 2nd HORRID Discovery About Her

Nicole Finn (left) and Joseph Finn (right) are in big trouble after their starving daughter died (stock, center).

A teen girl in Iowa recently died after police found her starving and severely underweight. Unfortunately, the situation would get much worse when cops made a second horrid discovery about the deceased girl, months after her passing.

Natalie Finn died on October 24 of last year at just 16-years-old for reasons that many say could have been avoided. According to reports, she was found on the floor of her home in an adult diaper, covered in feces, and severely malnourished. What’s worse, she had reportedly been in the disposable underwear for “quite some time” as she had become too weak to get up and change herself.

First responders rushed the girl to an area hospital, but it was too late. She died from a devastating heart attack because of her poor condition, making it so she couldn’t recover. After her death, police began to investigate to determine how this happened to Natalie.

Natalie Finn

Determining that Natalie was basically starved to death, officers took Nicole Finn, 42, and her ex-husband Joseph into custody for the death of the child. After getting a search warrant, investigators made a second horrid discovery in the home, uncovering the conditions in which the girl, as well as her two siblings, were forced to live.

According to reports, Natalie lived with her adoptive parents as well as a 14-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy who were also found starving. However, the worst part came when the kids told police that their abusive mother had been holding them against their will in the home that stunk of feces and urine from both animals and people.

Although the kids were initially able to escape the horrors of the home from time to time at first, Joseph later boarded up the windows so they couldn’t get out. Along with that, Nicole reportedly withheld food from the kids to punish and torture them.

When the starving kids did get out, they went down to the local grocery store, where they panhandled for money or food. Making matters worse, the home was previously visited by Child Protective Services (CPS) after Natalie and her siblings showed up to school dirty and hungry.

Unfortunately, nothing ever came of the visit because the CPS officer reported that there was “ample” food in the house at the time. It was mentioned that there was some concern for the children since they said they were afraid of their adoptive mother, but the officer – who has since been fired – never made a follow-up visit.

Since then, Nicole has been charged with murder as well as abusing and neglecting her children. Likewise, Joseph is facing charges of kidnapping, child endangerment, and child neglect. Unfortunately for them, the disgusting case has caused national outrage, meaning they won’t likely be given any leniency.

It would be nice to see these guys get what they deserve, and a few years behind bars hardly seems fitting for stripping a young girl of her life. An eye for an eye would be a more fitting punishment, but unfortunately, they can’t be starved to death. However, in the end, they will most certainly get exactly what’s coming to them when they’re burning in hell – and that’s forever.