Teacher Abuses Little Girl Every Day In School and Then She Decided To Do This!! He Instantly Regrets It! (VIDEO)

A Russian teacher got caught on video giving some tough love to a stubborn young student only to get some touch love, right in the groin, in return.

The timid little child, who the teacher has brought up to the front of the class, is being mocked and talked down to by the loud and aggressive male teacher.

Although the man has singled out this girl as an example, she doesn’t plan on taking the abuse for long.

As he tries to hammer the English lesson into the girl’s head, he begins poking her forehead as he shouts, “You!” He’s attempting to teach the elementary school student the basic English word.

Because the little girl feels embarrassed and bullied, she doesn’t absorb the information on the chalkboard well. But the teacher keeps forcing the girl to read the word he’s written on the board.

As the teacher reverts back to the stone-age “teaching” methods of bullying and abuse, the girl can’t stand for it anymore.

The third time he pokes the little student in the forehead and reaches for her shoulder, she turns, winds up a kick, and throttles him in his private parts.

While kicking a man in the groin is perhaps the worst punishment he can receive, in this case, it’s hard to say that he didn’t have it coming to him.

After the kick, the little girl runs away from the aggressive teacher as the man grabs his groin and crumbles.

Do you think this teacher needs to learn better teaching techniques?

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