Steve Harvey Sees An Elderly Woman In The Audience, Then He Walks Off The Set


When comedian Steve Harvey walks off the set of his own TV show, then you know something is up! After Steve saw an elderly woman in the audience wearing a tiara, he was so shocked that he needed to walk off the stage. He made a beeline directly towards her so he could find out why she was dressed up. It didn’t take long for the funnyman to strike up a conversation and start flirting with her. Yet, Steve was blown away by her response!


He was immediately taken aback, since it was not what he was expecting to hear at all. At first, Steve was astounded and didn’t believe a word coming out of this woman’s mouth. But her family members, who were sitting right next to her, confirmed that it was absolutely true. It turns out this woman was celebrating a very special milestone birthday! He wasn’t about to let her leave the show without passing along a wonderful message.


His cheeky response was very typical of the comedian, it will leave you in stitches! In fact, everyone in the audience was laughing and clapping. It’s something that only someone so “young” would ever say out loud. Watch the video below to see the fun interaction between this adorable grandmother and the equally adorable comedian. It looks like Steve Harvey may have finally met his match!