Son’s Scream Wakes Mother — She’s Shocked At What She Sees Hanging Off His Face

Six-year-old Tyler was lying on the top bunk of his bunk bed in his home in Macksville, Australia when he was attacked by a python. His cries for help brought his mother, Tammy, into the room. The snake that bit Tyler was about 10 feet long. The huge reptile had managed to slither into the family home and climb up to where Tyler was sleeping.

Tyler was bitten on the hand, and several other places before the snake bit his head. By the time Tammy entered the room, the snake was also wrapped around Tyler’s body. Tammy was able to free her son and get him out of the room.

She looked at the blood on his face. Tyler’s eyes were still closed, Tammy didn’t think he was fully awake. When she tried to examine him, he wouldn’t let her touch him. Tammy took her son to the hospital and asked a cousin to go to her house and get rid of the snake.

Thankfully, Tyler doesn’t remember the incident. Tammy got some photos of the dead snake. They were posted on Facebook, along with the photos of Tyler’s injuries, and have gone viral.

Steve McEwan, a reptile expert, said that the snake probably detected slight movements and warmth from Tyler and that is how it ended up in his room.

McEwan said he didn’t think the snake was going to eat Tyler. How the huge reptile got into the house is something else! Did they leave a window open? I thought pythons only strangled their prey.

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