Selfless Bride Arranges Best Friend’s Engagement Day of Wedding. Photos from Big Moment Say It All

If there’s any day you’re allowed to be selfish, it’s your wedding day. As a bride and groom often hear in the planning stages, this is your day, and it’s all about you.

After all, it is meant to be a once in a lifetime event marking one of the most important decisions a person can make. Of course, some can get carried away in making the day all about them, which has given rise to the “bridezilla” stereotype.

A newly married Canadian couple took a refreshingly unselfish approach to their special day. They were so selfless, in fact, that they were willing to share their big moment with a best friend whose boyfriend proposed to her at the reception, shocking nearly all of the guests, including the best friend.

Jess and James Nakrayko are a young couple living in Saskatoon, Canada. In April, they traveled to Lucea, Jamaica, where they were married in front of a group of 45, made up of close family and friends.

The bride wore a stunning low-back dress, and at the altar, she had her two best friends and her sister by her side. One of those friends was Jessica Kieley, who had tirelessly helped to plan the wedding, bridal shower, and a bachelorette party in Montreal.

“She had put so much time, effort, and energy into all of the pre-planning of the wedding,” Jess told “And she had no intentions other than to make it the most perfect day of my life.”

Jess knew that Kieley and her boyfriend, Adam Brake, were on the verge of engagement themselves. She encouraged Brake to pop the question while they were in Jamaica, and though he was concerned about taking away from Jess and James’ day, he agreed.

Jess’ sister was the one to come up with the creative idea of exactly how to do it. Only James, Jess, her sister, Blake, and the photographer were in on the surprise.

As Jess prepared to toss her bouquet to the group of women standing behind her, the music changed. It had been playing Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” and suddenly switched to Bruno Mars’ “Marry You.”

Jess stopped, turned around, and walked up to her best friend to hand her the bouquet. Kieley realized what was happening and began sobbing.

Behind her, Brake was on one knee. He proposed to her as the other wedding attendees watched, some stunned, some in tears, and some applauding.

“My heart felt like it was bursting with love … It brings me to tears even now thinking about it,” Jess told “It’s indescribable but wonderful … It was worth sharing my day, one hundred percent.”

The unusual story has spread across news outlets through North America and beyond. Much of the reaction has been positive — and tear-filled — but some cannot understand why Jess would share her day.

“The way my husband and I looked at it was sometimes the actual concept of a wedding gets lost,” Jess told HuffPost Canada. “I have love, and I want people close to me to have that love too.”

And to those who just don’t get it, Jess recently added this message on Facebook: “The moral of the story is about sharing and spreading love.… We can and we all should have it.”