If You See Someone Wearing A Safety Pin On Their Shirt, You Should Be Aware Of What It Means


Everyone has started wearing safety pins on their shirts, and there’s a meaning behind it that everyone should know!

People across the country are starting to attach safety pins in plain sight to their shirts, and it’s not the latest fashion trend.

There’s a different reason entirely behind the use of the safety pins, and it’s actually a good thing.

People in America are copying the use of the pins, which started in the UK after Brexit, as a way to tell strangers, “you are safe.”

One Instagram user explained that the safety pins were used in the UK “so that without a word, people may see your safety pin and know that you’re a friendly face, that they are ‘safe’ with you.”

After the controversial election in the United States, people are posting picture of themselves wearing pins with the hashtag #safetypinamerica.

“I wear a safety pin to show that immigrants, refugees, and anyone else threatened by the hate and fear mongering of Trump and many of his supports can know that I care and will do all I Can to combat xenophobia, racism, sexism, and ableism,” the instagram post read.”

Most aren’t even using the safety pin to make a political statement against trump, but just as a general way to promote safety in America.

“If you see anyone being mistreated, either in the streets or online, be there for them,” Max Evry wrote on Twitter.

Some people are taking it as far as making notes of what the safety pins represent and handing them out so that all can participate in the silent movement.

Decided just wearing the pin wasn’t enough. Made these to give to anyone who asks about it, and wishes they had one on too. #Safetypi

The safety pin can mean different things for different people.

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But overall, it’s a movement about having hope instead of having hate.

A few have made comments that so many people are wearing safety pins, large metro areas just might run out of stock!