If You See A $100 Bill On Your Windshield, Drive Straight To The Police Station

Most people who were to find money on their car would believe it was their lucky day. However, what it really means is that you are in grave danger. If you are the unlucky recipient of such a “gift,” lock your car doors and drive to the nearest police station!

Carjackers are cleverly using the lure of money to scam motorists out of their vehicles. These incidents have been happening around the country, and it may soon find its way to your city.

It’s easy to see how a person can fall for this scam. Most folks would immediately jump out of their car if they saw a $100 bill tucked under the windshield wiper. That’s when the scammers move in – they’re hoping that you’ve left the keys in the ignition, and from there it’s easy for them to drive off into the sunset.

If you have young children strapped in their car seats, it could be the last time you ever see them! This exact scenario almost happened to one St. Louis, Missouri woman and her little boy.

Kyri Vieham was lucky that she hadn’t noticed the easy money that was hiding in plain sight under her car windshield. She had just finished up a large shopping trip and had both a little boy and shopping bags to contend with. She was a typical mom who was distracted with having to wrestle a toddler into his car seat and making sure all the bags were actually inside the car – not sitting on the pavement!

It wasn’t until she was on the freeway that she noticed something weird on her windshield. She was astonished to discover that it was actually a $100 bill!

Kyri posted the following story on her Facebook page:

“I pulled over to the side of the road to retrieve this miracle money that came into my life at the perfect time. The bill was placed under the wipers where you had to get out of your car, walk around front, and grab it (you could not just roll down your window).”

However, what she had hoped was a windfall actually turned out to be a bad joke, or so she thought at the time. When she opened it up, it read something to the effect of “ha ha, you thought this was real, didn’t you?”

When Kyri got home, she was still curious about what had happened, and decided to conduct a bit of research on the internet.

“The person who placed the money on your car is usually in a car right next to yours. Once you step around the front of your car, they jump into the drivers seat and take off. Luckily, I didn’t see this “bill” until I was already driving down the highway, and no one was around when I pulled over.”

When she read more and more about what she had soon come to realize was a scam, the luckier she felt to be alive! She was very close to becoming entangled in a very dangerous situation. Plus, her toddler son could have been a potential victim as well!

“I am grateful I did not see the bill initially or my car, with my son inside, could have been taken. Someone was definitely watching over us at that moment.”

In this case, Kyri and her son got very lucky. However, she wants everyone to know how important it is to be aware of your surroundings! It’s also okay to ask a store employee to walk you to your car if you’re feeling uncomfortable.

Watch the video below for more information on this scary story.

How frightening, everyone should be aware of this! It’s always important to not let distractions deter you from maintaining situational awareness. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it!