School Nurse Almost Lets Teen Go Home,Then She Notices One Thing No One Else Did

Carrie Stephenson has been the school nurse at West Bemis Middle School in Jackson, Tennessee for the last three years, and she was recently faced with a situation she had never encountered before. As Healthy Page reports, Jackson let her instincts lead the way, and she saved a student’s life in the process.

Isaiah Griffin, 13, had come to the nurse’s office and began vomiting. It wasn’t just a random stomach virus, as his vomit didn’t look right and his eyes began to roll back in his head.

“I honestly thought he was fixin’ to die,” she recalled.

Stephenson insisted he be rushed to the hospital immediately instead of just being sent home, and that proved to be a wise demand. Turns out the boy was having a stroke.

“Her thinking and everything she did for him saved his life, I tell you what. We could’ve been planning a funeral, not planning a celebration,” shared Isaiah’s mother, Deborah Griffin.

While Stephenson acknowledges the difficulty of the situation, she feels she had a little help in making the right choice.

“To me it was just the grace of God showing through. God was all over that,” she said.

Source: Healthy Page
Photo: ABC