If You Recently Bought Ramen, Throw It Out ASAP


Finding a quick meal that’s tasty, filling and inexpensive is not easy these days. Ramen noodles have been a standby for those that want an inexpensive meal that they can put together quickly. Ramen also offers the benefit that you can add your own ingredients for variety.

While the salty soup is relied upon as a staple by millions across the globe, new research shows that eating too much Ramen noodles is a danger to your health.

The popular dried noodle dish is highly processed and is very popular across many parts of Asia, as well as in Europe and the US. Medical experts say that countries like South Korea where Ramen consumption is up are now reporting higher rates of heart disease.

Keep in mind that South Korea is the country that consumes the largest amount of Ramen noodles, so medical researchers decided to investigate if there was a link between this highly salty dish and the risk of developing heart disease and other health related problems.

A recent study undertaken by researchers at the renowned Baylor University Medical Center suggested that those who consume Ramen noodles at least twice a week are at a much higher risk for developing metabolic syndrome than those who don’t.

Of note, a single packet of Ramen will supply you with nearly half of your daily allowable intake of saturated fat. Some other research also suggests the packaging of Ramen noodles contains suspected carcinogens that may leach out. Medical experts say the sodium contained in the flavoring packets is so high as to be a health risk.

Now that you know about this new research, it’s time to change up your diet if you are regular Ramen eater. By the same token, make sure to tell friends and family members who eat Ramen noodles about this story, so that public awareness regarding the health risks of high salt foods can be raised.

Source: Goodfullness
Photos: Viral Nova