Rather Than Tossing Out His Empty Baby Wipes Containers, He Makes These Instead. So Smart!


If you have babies or small children and have not realized that the many uses for baby wipes containers, after reading this, you will never want to throw them out again! They can come in handy for so many things! It is always good to keep as much as possible out of landfills, as well! You got help organize your home, and do other knee projects, all while helping the environment! It’s a win win situation! I really love this idea for the bigger containers! Toddlers and kids tend to have a lot of toys and crafting supplies that need to be kept separated! These containers are perfect with a little sanding and chalkboard paint! You can switch out what goes in them and keep everything organized! What a fantastic idea! The slim ones are perfect for keeping emergency kits in your car! You can fill them with personal hygiene products, headache medicine, cough drops and tissues along with anything else you may need while away from home! The slim design of the containers makes them easy to store between the seats, or in a seat back pocket. The way the containers are set up, to be able to pull something from the top without opening it all the way is perfect for grocery bags! Who doesn’t have a pile of grocery bags somewhere in their house? Keeping them contained is a great idea, and these containers are perfect for it! Instead of hauling a huge bag full of snacks the next time you go on a hike or an all day outing with your children, pack a few essentials in baby wipes containers! You can fit some putting cups, box of raisins, sandwich bags full of cereal, or anything you want, in them! If you take the tops off of the containers, they can be the perfect way to organize drawers! Baby socks in one, hats and mittens in another! You can also use them for the junk drawer in the kitchen! These are a few of the fantastic ideas of how you can repurpose these versatile baby wipes containers!