Petition Created To Publicly Hang Benjamin Taylor, Who Raped 9-Month-Old To Death

32 year old Benjamin Taylor is being held on a $2 million bail from the Southern Regional Jail in West Virginia.

He has been accused of rape and assault which resulted in the death of Emmaleigh Barringer who was nine months old. Barringer was the daughter of his girlfriend at the time whom he lived with. He has offically been charged in court.

Petition Created To Publicly Hang Benjamin Taylor, Who Raped 9-Month-Old To Death

His girlfriend has three older children who were not harmed in any way by Taylor. The crime happend on October 3rd when Amanda Adkins woke up around 4:00 A.M.. She found her baby was not in her crib and she began to frantically look for her baby. Adkins found Emmaleigh naked, battered, and bleeding terribly in the basement of their home close to Ripley, West Virginia. The baby was unresponsive.

Adkins called the ambulance but when they came Emmaleigh was not breathy and they were unable to get her breathing again. They placed her on a ventilator they had but she was quickly pronounced dead on the scene. Police characterized the incident as the worst sexual assault they had ever seen. Emmaleigh suffered severe head trauma and massive blood loss from the sexual assault.

Taylor was arrested and sent to jail within hours of finding out about the assault. After Emmaleigh was taken off life support the charges were upgraded to murder. Taylor’s social media has been scrutinized since the incident. His facebook page biography says, “dead inside” and that he works as a laborer.

Hate posts have filled the page since Emmaleigh’s death. Some who post knew him while others did not. Over three hundred different people have posted on Taylor’s Facebook page. Some have called for a public hanging of him. A petition was sent to Congress that asked for his public lynching and it has received two thousands signatures already.

All of the facts of this case seem to be reminiscent of the same sexual assault that was depicted in “A Time To Kill”. There truly are some people that she be locked up and have the key thrown away for good. This is definitely one of those cases.