People Outraged Over What’s About To Happen To Barron Trump

A Chicago-based stand-up comedian and improviser has sparked both controversy and confusion after announcing she will play the title character in her play about Barron Trump.

The play, titled “Barron Trump: Up Past Bedtime,” is “a variety show in the style of ‘Pee-wee’s Playhouse’ and it’s basically Barron Trump getting read a bedtime story, and then deciding to stay up past his bedtime and play with his imaginary friends,” Shannon Noll explained, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Noll says she will not be using the play or character to mock Barron.

“Barron Trump is absolutely not the butt of a joke,” she said.

“I noticed that I looked like Barron Trump and I thought that would be an interesting approach,” added Noll.

“Going into this,” she later continued, “I specifically created this character so that he bears no resemblance in personality to what we’ve seen of Barron Trump. I’m just playing him as a generic kid.”

Many Trump supporters were nonetheless outraged by Noll’s play, taking to social media to express their anger — but at the wrong person.

“Australian Idol” star Shannon Noll — a man — was likely thoroughly perplexed when he received a flurry of angry tweets, according to Pedestrian TV.

“[Noll] should be ashamed bullying 10 yr olds,” Pedestrian TV reports one person commented. “Kids are off limits. Show some maturity.”

“You worthless piece of s***,” another added. “If you do the Barron Trump play your career will be over.”

Even when Noll tried to explain they were messaging the wrong person, people continued to angrily tweet at him.

It’s not the first time people have expressed outrage over a comedian’s reference of Barron Trump.

“Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich tweeted what many considered an inappropriate joke about Barron. Although she apologized and quickly deleted the tweet, many were upset, including some who otherwise do not oppose Trump

In response, “Saturday Night Live” indefinitely suspended the Rich, while President Trump called the tweet a “disgrace.”

Sources: The Chicago Tribune, Daily MailPedestrian TV / Photo Credit: Shannon Noll/Twitter