They opened this sick bull’s stomach. What they found inside left me stunned.

Warning: This video contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

An Indian animal rescue organization found this bull wandering the streets and while that’s normal there, this animal was clearly not well. His belly was horribly distended and he appeared to be in pain so they took him to the animal hospital and arranged for treatment. It turned out Tingu, as they called him, needed to be operated on.

But only when they found what was inside him did they understand the full extent of his suffering. We humans sure create a lot of garbage, and a lot of it doesn’t get properly taken care of:

If you’ve ever been tempted to just drop your trash on the street — even a candy wrapper or plastic bottle — take a look at the potential consequences… It’s a stark reminder for all of us that we’re sharing our world with so many other living creatures.