No One Gave Her A Chance Because She’s A Girl So She Started Playing, Shuts Up Doubters

While instruments and musical styles may differ, one thing every culture in human history has had in common is music. From the lyre and pan flutes of ancient Greece to the log drums of the Congo river valley, and from Bach to Rihanna, music is a big part of what makes us human.

We just found out about an amazing little kid from the tiny town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Please no jokes, because when you hear her play the banjo, you are absolutely going to be blown away. You have to see this video to see one of the most gifted, and youngest, bluegrass musicians performing today.

 Eleven year old Willow Osborne fell in love with the banjo at the tender age of three, when her parents took her to a concert of music performed on the classic instrument.Ever since, music has been a huge force in her life. In addition to mastering this very difficult instrument, she has started to become a singer as well, and she performs regularly at venues around her hometown of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Her mother encourages the rising star, and the little girl practices as often as possible. She is currently attending school online to enable her to spend more time working on her craft. Although Willow specializes in bluegrass music, she hopes to expand her repertoire into new genres and open up doors for the folk instrument.

People just love listening to Willow perform. Her videos have attracted legions of fans across the internet, who have been posting their comments about her talent, saying things like:

“Great talent. Love the banjo and she is a rival to Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.”

“Thank you that was great. Love the banjo. My dad played one for the mummers string band in Philadelphia. Lots of good memories.”

 “Nice pickin and what a head of hair!!! at 11?”
“SHE A CUTIE PIE, BANJO DIDN’T SOUND QUITE RIGHT. IT WAS A LITTLE SHARP.. MAYBE SHE TURNED IT HIGH.”“Awesome talent. Good to see younger generation holding on to musical heritage! And not some machine/robotic sounding music!”


“MORE!!! NOW!!! I didn’t even make it halfway before my feet were going 1k mph.”

“bluegrass is in safe hands!”

“Awesome young lady. Simply awesome.”

“Great picking and a lovely young lady. Bluegrass music draws the best!”

“Excellent performance ! Willow you’re an amazing and talented young artist and are my superstar!”

“I hate being outdone by people younger than me.”

“Gosh, Willow, your stage presence and performance style are so refined and amazing! Your banjo pickin skillz are mad!! I really enjoy watching you command the stage and the audience like that! Yep, you’re awesome!”

“Your such consummate entertainer one of the best I’ve ever seen, it’s so obvious that you love what you’re doing the crowd just falls in love with you. It’s a real bonus that you one of the best banjo players in the country and the voice of a country angel.”

Have you ever seen a little kid play like this before? What is your favorite kind of music? Share your thoughts and ideas with us here.