Neighbor Opens Front Door, Doesn’t Expect To See 5-Year-Old All Alone Clutching Baby Sister

Little Sal Cicalese isn’t just your typical 5-year-old. This adorable youngster is also a hero.

Sal was home with his mom and baby sister when he realized something frightening had happened. His mom, Kaitlyn, had a sudden seizure in the shower, then completely blacked out. Sal mistook this for her death and panicked. He knew he needed to find help.

He grabbed a stool and put it up against the wall of his garage in order to open the door. Next, he picked up his baby sister and wrapped her in a blanket so she would feel safe and warm. The little boy walked over to his neighbor’s house to seek help. He arrived at Jessica Penoyer’s door and gave her a startling greeting while clutching his baby sister.

In the video below, posted on April 14, 2017, Jessica recalls, “He’s standing there and he’s holding something and I thought it was a doll.” At first, she thought Sal was trying to tell her that his dog had died, but then she learned his situation was completely different.

Sal told Jessica: “My mom died in the shower. Can you take care of us?”

Jessica quickly dialed 911 and told the operator,”My neighbor’s son just came to my house and said that his mom was dead in the shower.”

Luckily, this was not the case. Kaitlyn still required immediate medical attention due to her condition.

A grateful Kaitlyn explains,”Honestly, he saved my life because I was under the faucet and if he wouldn’t have gotten help, I would’ve drowned.”

Thanks to young Sal’s quick thinking, his mom is still alive today. Now, his community wants to thank him for it.

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