Mother Of 8 Children On Welfare Claims She Can’t Get A Job Because She’s Just Too Good Looking

What happens when you take 15 minutes of spotlight for being a proper human being and try turning it into some cash cow from the heavens? Well, things probably aren’t going to go your way for too long, and when it all stops you’ll be left with either less than you started or breaking even. Either way the ball rolls you’re going to be stuck missing something you were too immature to have to begin with.

Enter “Octomum” Marie Buchan.

Mother of eight Marie has decided to go out to find an actual job. One that can help take the weight off her husband and the government, because she’s been drawing welfare since she had her first child at 19. She claims she wants to be a mechanic, and if she’s got the passion then I say more power to her, but she’s now claiming she’s “too pretty” for the job.

Why would that be so hard to believe, when she doesn’t look as though she’s had as many kids as she did? That’s all due to her past errors, the ones that haven’t appeared to go away. She collects benefits to the tune of $2000 a month; hired an agent to help capitalize her fame and has used the money she has gotten for entirely selfish reasons. Here’s one — she wanted a boob job done. After eight children I could kind of see it, but knowing you’re going to get laid either way (which is obvious) shouldn’t have a negative affect on your personal esteem.

On the topic of her employment status as a mechanic, “They’re not really after me working there, they’re looking for something more..” Whether that’s actually true or not is pure speculation, but I feel the need to ask why she hasn’t taken the issue up with the employment sector? If she’s being harassed to the point where she’s not being hired solely because the men want to sleep with her, isn’t that an unhealthy work environment? Have there not been laws implemented to dissuade antics such as those, someone she can report these egregious behaviors with? Instead, she’s taken to the media.

Marie has also stated that being a parent is a full time job in itself, which is something I’ll agree with wholeheartedly. Being a parent *is* a full time gig, there’s no doubt about it in the slightest, but that doesn’t mean you should be allowed to abuse systems in place designed for those actually fighting to get by, or those that really need them.

“I’m not going to be able to get the experience I need in a garage full of men.”

Well, she could very well be right about that, but she could also be playing everyone involved for the sake of some added media sympathy. Is there sexism today? Yes, without a doubt in my mind. Is this a case of it? Something in my pessimism tells me no…

She’s been asked in the past why she continued having children for as long as she did knowing she couldn’t personally afford it, to which she replied that she hadn’t expected to be doing it alone. That’s more than fair. There’s no end to the amount of sperm/egg donors out there who run for the hills at the sight of their own DNA, but come on… at a certain point you’ve got to at least figure out what contraception is… She’s not even old enough to be from the “abstinence only there is no other method don’t have sex or you’ll get AIDS” era. At least find a respectable partner and settle down for a few years first, don’t rush into children just to keep them around!

Yet, what’s done is done and all Marie can do now is strive for the best for her own children. If that means making a few personal sacrifices then that’s what she’ll have to do. Choosing to keep the kids instead of allowing them to be adopted is a noble venture, certainly, but it’s in no way an easy ride from start to finish.

Is she attractive? I’d say she’s got some good looks to her. Big, brown doe eyes and a fit physique, yet she can’t manage to find a group of guys who can handle themselves in a professional manner to give her a job? Now, I said before that sexism exists but I don’t think we’ve got all the details to the story on this one.