Mom’s Delivery Isn’t Going As Planned So Doctor Looks At Daughter And Says “Get Suited Up”

When Dede Carraway went into labor, there was no way she could expect what happened next. Instead of sticking with her original birth plan, the OB-GYN suggested something that made her heart skip a beat!

Thankfully someone was there to capture the special moments that followed….

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It all started when Dede’s 12-year-old daughter Jacee entered the hospital room. With all of the people crowded around her mother, Jacee told WS News Now that she was worried she would miss the birth of her new sibling!

“I started crying because I thought I wasn’t going to get to see him be born, because I was too short.”

That’s when Dede doctor, Dr. Wolf, suggested something a little unorthodox.

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Dr. Wolf looked over to the concerned girl and asked if she wanted to help deliver her baby brother! A wave of panic rushed over both Dede and Jacee! This was not part of the original birth plan – but after a little reassurance, they both agreed.

Jacee got into place in front of Dr. Wolf and, as she explained to WS News Now, helped deliver her baby brother!

Unfortunately, the delivery was far from perfect. Dede’s epidural wasn’t working and she was in pain. The only thing that made her feel better was the priceless look on her daughter’s face!

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Once it was finally time to push, Jacee helped Dr. Wolf deliver her newborn brother, 7-pound, 6-ounce Cayson Carraway.

Dede told WS News Now that this was a moment she’ll never forget!

“Seeing the emotions on her face, it made me cry. I’m about to cry now! It was just a good moment for me.”

While Jacee has wanted to be a veterinarian for years, Dede is starting to think that she might switch to an OB-GYN. It’s clear welcoming a new life into the world is something she loves!

Facebook/Nikki Smith

Thankfully, Jacee’s first precious moments with her baby brother were captured and sharedfor the world to see! It’s clear these two share a bond that can never be broken.