Mom Stirs Contraversy – Calls For People To Boycott Disney

Much has been made of the Disney remake of ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ which features a scene that has been touted as an ‘exclusively gay moment.’ Outside of drumming up interest and desperately attempting to increase ticket sales, it’s unclear why Disney has felt the need to make such a big stink out of it. Nonetheless, the scene has sparked a debate all of its own, and one mom has gone public with her thoughts.

Brooke Poston is a mom blogger and devout Christian. She was planning a family trip to Disney World, but that trip is now off the table. Poston offered up her reasons in a post that has gained a ton of traction.

“I’m not paying for simple entertainment that doesn’t accurately align with my personal beliefs. Disney isn’t just aiming their efforts towards parents of Disney-aged children anymore. They are pointing a desperate finger at the innocence of our youth. Disney is targeting our youth like they’re aiming at big game on a corporate hunting trip,” she wrote.

Poston makes an interesting point. Family entertainment is generally an escape from the social commentary we are all inundated with on a daily basis, and feeling as if your entertainment choices are attempting to subliminally alter thinking is a gigantic turnoff.

“They are banking on corrupting the purity of a child’s mind for the 1%. They are no longer making watching a choice, but by forcing it to become mainstream, Disney is telling the conservative family, the Christian public, that they’re views hold no worth. In jest, they’re subtly encouraging you to conform your ways. (Mark 13:22),” she continued.

The mom blogger touched a nerve with her post, and she received a ton of backlash for what some observers painted as discriminatory beliefs.

“Know that whoever you are and however you identify, I have only compassion for you. We may not be fighting for the same things, we may not be fighting together, but know that we are each passionate for our own causes. Because of this I cannot be silent,” she wrote in response.

Source: Cosmopolitan
Photo: People