Mom Pronounced Dead During Childbirth, Husband Shows Her This When Saying Goodbye (Video)

A mother was pronounced dead during childbirth and her husband was devastated. However, what happened next shocked everybody in the room.

Doug and Melanie Pritchard were getting ready for their daughter to come into the world. Everything went well with Melanie’s pregnancy, until she went until labor. Suddenly, things started spiraling out of control.

According to LittleThings, while in labor, Melanie began having convulsions. Her body quickly shut down, the monitors began to flash, and doctors called for emergency resuscitation — which appeared to fail. Doctors say Melanie died from an amniotic fluid embolism.

“My wife was clinically dead when they delivered my daughter,” Doug told the Christian Broadcasting Network. “My first thought was ‘I’m a widower.’ And we’d only been married three years … They had asked us to say our goodbyes. I remember asking her vividly, ‘If you have any fight left in you, then fight!’”

 Doug and his family members in the room began to pray while doctors worked to revive Melanie. Finally, doctors were able to resuscitate Melanie, but knew that she was not stable. Her condition continued to worsen.

Melanie’s brother, who is a doctor, reviewed the case and discovered that she had internal bleeding. Doctors rushed Melanie to the operating room.

Doug and his family prepared for the worst. They said their goodbyes, but remained by Melanie’s side until the very end.

But 24 hours after Melanie was pronounced dead while in labor, she woke up. As soon as Melanie’s eyes opened, Doug showed her a photo of their daughter, who survived the birth.

 Doctors told Melanie that things still did not look good and that she would likely need either a heart or lung transplant and that she might still have neurological issues.Despite what the doctors told Melanie, things began to turn around. Melanie started breathing on her own and eventually didn’t even need her medication. After just a week, the new mother was able to go home with her family with no complications.

“Her recovery’s a miracle,” Doug said. “Her survival was a miracle. I think it’s very clear that God answers prayers.”

Sources: LittleThingsChristian Broadcasting Network/YouTube / Photo Credit: LittleThings