Mailman Spent Too Much Time With Dog, Then Suspicious Owner Watched Footage

Brian Chapman (inset) is facing felony charges for the vile acts he committed with a dog in rural Polk County. (Source: Polk County Sheriff/Mail Online)

A Minnesota mailman is facing felony charges after the owner of a dog on his route grew suspicious about the prolonged period of time that the postal worker was spending with his pet while delivering the mail. Concerned, the homeowner decided to watch surveillance footage captured on his property, and that’s when he was left disgusted to see what the postman had done.

The owner of the animal in a rural area outside of the city of Crookston had noticed that his mailman was spending an uncomfortable amount of time in his garage with his pet while delivering his mail and grew suspicious. So, the resident, only identified as TAL, decided to review surveillance footage. The owner shockingly found that, on February 7, the postman entered his garage at around 1:30 pm, proceeded to set down a package, and then rape his dog.

Brian Chapman, 21, is now facing burglary and bestiality charges for the vile act of having sex with the pet of a homeowner on his rural route after his customer reviewed the surveillance footage from his home and witnessed that the unthinkable had been done to his poor dog, according to The Smoking Gun.

According to a criminal complaint, the dog’s owner told police that he became suspicious after noticing “the mailman has been spending a long period of time in his garage.” The man added that he was “going to call the post office to have them tell his mailman to stop going into his garage to leave packages.” (Source: The Smoking Gun)

Mail Online reports that Chapman has been charged with burglary, which is a felony, and bestiality, which is a misdemeanor. He has not yet entered a plea.

According to court records, Minnesota mailman Brian Chapman is facing burglary and bestiality charges after he “did carnally know a dog” owned by a customer on his delivery route. (Source: The Smoking Gun)

No wonder dogs hate the mailman. It’s a good thing Brian Chapman is off the streets and can no longer harm any unsuspecting pups. Perhaps he thought he could get away with his indecent behavior because he was working in a rural area without many prying eyes.

However, he didn’t anticipate his vile act being captured on camera by a resident’s security system. This should be an open and shut case, thanks to that footage. Fortunately, there is no possible way Brian Chapman can deny his responsibility in this heinous crime.