Lesbian Teacher Bans Students From Wearing Crosses, Forces Sick Replacement


Pictured: Teacher Lora Jane Riedas and partner (left), Student’s cross (center), Activist Jeffrey Marsh (right)

Teacher Lora Jane Reidas, a Lesbian and activist, banned crosses from her classroom, calling them “gang symbols.” In an ongoing, disturbing display of LGBT activism, she forced a sick replacement on her public school students.

According to Daily Caller, Jeff Eakins, Superintendent of Hillsborough County Schools near Tampa, Florida, received a disturbing letter from the nonprofit litigation group Liberty Counsel. The letter described the behavior of Reidas in her taxpayer-funded classroom.

“We write on behalf of parents of children in the classroom of teacher Lora Jane Riedas, a math teacher at Riverview High School, who report that Ms. Riedas has prohibited at least three children from wearing Christian cross necklaces in her classroom, claiming on occasion that they are ‘gang symbols,’” wrote Liberty Counsel.

“One of our student clients reports that she had just sat down in class, and placed her books on her desk, when Ms. Riedas approached her. Referencing the tiny cross necklace which was around the student’s neck, Ms. Riedas said, ‘I need you to take your necklace off.’ When the student asked why, Riedas allegedly refused to explain and then stated, ‘That’s disrespectful; you have to take it off.’”

The student “did not want to be disrespectful, so she took it off, but she felt bad because she felt she was being forced to deny her faith. All of our clients are afraid to openly wear their cross necklaces in class any more,” the letter states.

Additionally, as reported by WND, Riedas features classroom decor that “blatantly promotes a pro-LGBT agenda” and reportedly retweeted, during the school day, “favorite queer web series for kids…”

The following were taken from Riedas’ Twitter account:

Pictured: Tweet from Lora Jane Reidas

It is clear that Reidas’ activism, while taxpayers pay her salary, is a one-way conversation. The Christian Post reports, “Moreover, at the beginning of the semester, Ms. Riedas placed LGBT rainbow stickers on students’ classroom folders without their consent, which were there one day when the students arrived. One of our clients reports that after she removed the LGBT sticker, Ms. Riedas’ behavior toward her changed markedly for the worse.”

Reidas keeps a sick display in her classroom that shows wearable items that she actually approves of, including one button that says “I Love My LGBT Students.” Another button is from the organization GLSEN, which stands for “Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network.”


Pictured: Classroom display

A school district representative says that the district has contacted the principal to initiate an investigation of Riedas’ actions. All of these classroom atrocities serve as examples of more liberal double-standards. Left-wing activists like Riedas demand tolerance and acceptance unless a person’s personal views differ from theirs.

In this case, the victims are the innocent students who simply wore crosses on necklaces. If a Christian teacher were to attack symbols of the LBGT community, you can rest assured that they would be severely reprimanded. Time will tell if the same happens to Riedas, but one thing is for certain — it definitely should.