Husband Vanishes After 6 Weeks Of Marriage – 68 Years Later, Wife Finally Learns The Truth


Peggy and Billie Harris were married only six short weeks when they saw each other for the last time. Billie was a fighter pilot when Dwight Eisenhower called for the invasion of Normandy, France – and like many other soldiers, Billie received the order to leave his wife and fight in the war. Sadly, he never returned home, and his wife Peggy was left with many unanswered questions…


Peggy waited years for a definitive answer about her husband’s disappearance, and although presumed death – sadly, no one seemed to know for certain what had happened to Billie. Initially, Peggy received the news that her husband was reported as “missing.” However, his “status” continued to change. Over the years, this heart-broken woman continued to receive conflicting reports about the whereabouts of her husband – if Billie was dead or alive, where his body was laid to rest, and if the remains in the cemetery were even his at all. Peggy refused to give up until she received answers. She spent her entire life seeking closure, and staying committed to the man she married so many years ago.


Only within recent years did Peggy learn the truth about her husband’s passing, a truth that she never could have imagined. As it turns out, there is much more behind the circumstances surrounding this fighter pilot’s death – a recent discovery that has changed Peggy, forever. Watch the fascinating details of this story…a story of love, heroism, and great sorrow: