How to clean old wooden furniture


Have you ever wondered how to efficiently clean wooden furniture? Wonder no more! A few weeks ago I accompanied a friend of mine to an incredible mass sale of vintage furniture pieces. We found some impressive gems hidden among the tons and tons of furniture and eventually, I decided to buy an old corner table made out of this beautiful, but battered oak wood. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to bring some life back into the table for days. Fortunately, I plunged into some research on the web and found the perfect solution to my problem on This blog offers a great post on how to efficiently clean old wooden furniture. Now, I know there are countless cleaning detergents out there specifically made for wood. However, I found that this particular DIY method does wonders for any wooden furniture pieces, including my not-so-new corner table. The post I’m talking about consists of a recipe and a tutorial. The recipe is extremely simple – all you really need is some old piece of cloth, vinegar and olive oil. It may sound strange, but the oil and vinegar combo really worked magic for the battered, scratched and chipped off (not to mention simply dirty and dusty) surface of my corner table. The original tutorial features the cleaning and refinishing of a couple of vintage wooden nightstands, as well as the exact measurements and concentration of the ingredients. I actually used a bit less than the original recipe’s measurements, because the corner table is pretty tiny, but I still managed to get outstanding results.