Here’s How To Make Your Kids A Whole Playground In Just 1 Weekend


Maybe your kids are always bored, or maybe you just like DIY projects, either way, learn how to build your kids an awesome playground in a weekend. has provided a full tutorial on how to build a playground from the ground up for your kids. You may feel intimidated, you might think is too hard to do alone, but it’s not. If your kids are good helpers like mine are, get them involved. They will likely appreciate it much more if they have a hand in building it! Start by building the base. It has to be strong, and even! You don’t want it to be the least bit lopsided or crooked. Little people don’t have the balance that we do as adults. We don’t want them falling down any more than usual because of shoddy workmanship. Cedar wood is the best choice for something outside, and it is strong. The perfect choice for outdoor playground equipment. Choose a nice flat spot and build there. You’re not going to want to move it, so just build it where it will sit. That’s the only way to ensure its final evenness, anyway. There are lots of measurements and cutting to do with this project. Always remember to measure twice and cut once! You don’t want any mistakes. Being off even just a little bit can be detrimental to the playground. The main structural part contains several A-frames, and notches that must be just so for the ridge pole. The ridge pole is the part that keeps everything in line and straight. There are several more steps, obviously, but I’ll let you read them for yourself. You’ll need to cut out a window. When the roof is put on, it’s time to paint! Let your kids pick the colors? Bright colors look awesome! Finish the climbing wall and you’re all set! Your kids will be so excited to have their very own playground! Easy peasy! Build your kids an awesome playground in a weekend.